The excellence in temporary protection

  • Internal protection

    Crew or guests areas, a yacht inside must be protected during works period. Covers for simple passings, hermetic and/or heavy protection, YAS is at your side to work in total confidence, to find your yacht in perfect conditions after works.

    YAS guarantees and optimal protection for all the materials used.

    Our teams are trained to set up and use products adapted to each need, tacking YAS to a high level notoriety company to work in total confidence with its customers.

    Our protection work is made with great interest, very well finished, by respecting the whole crew onboard life.


  • External protection

    To carry on maintenance or refit works, a protection is set up into sensible areas to not damage the yacht, as soon we arrive on board.

    YAS commit oneself to use a protection material adapted to your needs, to maintain it during all the works period, and to take it off at the end of the works.

    We use materials like carpets, PVC, foam rubber, rubber, and any other adhesive adapted to each surface . Each sensible area (teak, stainless steel, paintings, marble, carpet..) will be protected with its own protection.

    For instance for a teak deck, we use a 8 mm carpet with plots, to allow water flow and teak breathing, the thickness being able to absorb impacts and items falls.

    A quick setting done by our efficient and trained team, very well adapted products, tackes YAS to a high level notoriety company to work in total confidence with its customers.

    Our protection work is made with great interest, very well finished, by respecting the whole crew onboard life.


  • Heat Shrinkable cover

    After several years, our expertise for thermo-retractable covers has been improved. YAS can create covers for works on docks or dry dock, or during tenders or other boats moving.


  • Technical areas

    The machine room is most of the time prone to important works during refiTs, and needs adapted and important protection.


  • Glazing

    YAS can protect glass surfaces with "Liquifoil", liquid application, which can be applied on vertical surfaces .

    protect portholes and other glasses, against mechanical and chimical attacks : scratches, painting. Liquifoil is waterbased and oversprays …

    This product allows luminosity inside your yacht.


  • Events

    Carpet protection setting on decks and inside, for your lounges and receptions on board, during your events and French Riviera Festivals.

    Very large catalog of colours further your needs.

    Our teams are careful and always work with very high precision, without spoiling floor or partitions (cutter blades adapted, non agressive adhesives, exclusive systems of carpet )


  • Presentation

    Yacht Assistance Services is specialized into maintenance, cleaning, and glass renovation.

    Maintenance and renovation processes we developped are due to different kinds of markets. The glass renovation technology YAS uses, is unique. YAS phylosophy is an expertise strict approach of projects to take care. We work in a progressive way with strong partnerships with our research and development team.

    YAS objective is to offer you real alternatives for an equivalent result of replacement.

    No matter reasons of glass surfaces damages, accidental during works or ageing, Yacht Assistance Services gets the solution.

    Yacht Assistance Services has developped products to simplify, clean and restaure glass surfaces, to an incomparable quality.

    A network of professionals

  • Glass renovation – scratches removal

    YAS has developped and uses a unique technology of glass renovation. YAS phylosophy is an expertise strict approach of projects to take care.

    We work in a progressive way with strong partnerships with our research and development team.

    YAS objective is to offer you real alternatives for an equivalent result of replacement.

    No matter reasons of glass surfaces damages, accidental during works or ageing, Yacht Assistance Services gets the solution.

    The products we use are neutral PH and non agressive for adjacent materials : we care the whole encrusted impurities :


  • Glass Treatment

    YAS enjoys a great experience in glass maintenance, treatment and reparation. YAS technologies have been developped in a spirit of Excellence.

    YAS has developped and uses a unique technology of glass renovation. YAS phylosophy is an expertise strict approach of projects to take care. YAS objective is to offer you real alternatives for an equivalent result of replacement

    No matter the reasons you need fo maintain your glass surfaces, estheticism, image of your company, Yacht Assistance Services has developped products to simplify this task, to make it less heavy, less expensive, and for a unique.

    The treatment focussed by Yacht Assistance Services can be applied to all glass surfaces :

    Control screenss, yachts, swimming-pools, shower cabins, hotels, parapets, administration buildings and companies head quaters, plant houses, trains, tramways, all kinds of vehicles …etc.

    Yacht Assistance Services treatment specifications: The Yacht Assistance Services fondamental principle is based on a deep cleaning « 100% » of the glass surface.

    The first action allowed by « Glass Protector » to durably fill up the glass pores and makes it impermeable to pollution dusts, salted sprays …etc.

    Beyond this spectular glide effect, the Yacht Assistance Services treatment durably protects your glass surfaces and simplify their maintenance, for a impeccable result.

  • Glass scratches removal

    Yacht Assistance Services has developped a technology of scratches removal on all kinds of glasses. This technology suits façades, yachts, cars, furnitures, trains …etc.

    This technology is adapted to all kinds of glasses. Only frosted glass, treated with a special film, or graved glasses, are not naturally treatable.

    Yacht Assistance Services phylosophy is keeping with a rigorous expertise of projects to carry on.. We work in a progressive way with strong partnerships with our research and development team . We are able to adapt each situation, adapt our material and technics to each kind of damage.

    This kind of intervention is exclusively realised by a YAS specialist.

    The damaged surfaces are previously studied with a microscope and the scratches (caused by windscreens, lames, sandpapering…) are repared with a deep polishing technology. YAS gets 14 different systems to remove scratches, till 15 microns deep. One of them consists of warm up the glass e 70 °c, and to use a very special polishing machine, to different angles and different powers.

    Due to the surface conditions, our intervention price can be more expensive compared to the replacement. Therefore, the most of the time, the risks due to dismantling and reassembly justify Yacht Assistance Services intervention price. You can trust YAS to previously evaluate this situation, et provide you a detailed and justified estimation.

    We also provide the renovation technology to make shine your Plexiglas.


  • Glass Protection - LiQuiFoil

    YAS can protect your glass surfaces with "Liquifoil", liquid application even on vertical surfaces.

    protect portholes and other glasses, against mechanical and chimical attacks : scratches, painting Liquifoil is waterbased and oversprays …

    This product allows luminosity inside your yacht.


  • General cleaning

    Thanks to several years of yachting experience (crew, subcontracting…), yacht spaces cleaning became YAS speciality.

    The products used are optimum further the yacht conditions and surfaces to be cleaned. YAS uses, the most of the time, biodegradable products.

    YAS offers a high level service to clean guest areas, by cleaning luxueux fittings.

    YAS teams will deliver a yacht, at the end of works, in the same initial conditions.

    Crews and constructors trust YAS to maintain their yacht between two charters, or during events or "Boat Shows".

    A network of Professionals

  • Solar film

    Different colours of solar film are available, from 5% for the darkest to 50% for the lighest.

    This solar film can protect from UV till 99% , and from temperature till 78%.


    . Security (teinted or not)

    . UV, less damages et furnitures decoloration, varnish, leather…

    . Esthetiscism

    A network of Professionals

  • Carpet

    An exclusive process with 3 silmutaneous actions : chimical, mechanical and thermic, your carpets will find their flexibility and colours freshness. An exceptional result, dry in 30 minutes, which prolong your carpets time of life.

    10 times less water used due to an injection/extraction process.

    A method advised by famous manufacturers : Berry, Tuft, Flipo, Royal du Park, Balzan….


  • Marble

    Marble renovation motivations are diverse : frosted marbles, dull, dirty aspect…

    They are treated with different processes : emulsion, wax, spraying, crystallization, sanding, we renovate and rekindle marbles with an intense and durable brightness.


  • Leather

    Cleaning and stain removal with waterbased products with perfect results on all kinds of leather.

    Then, we feed them with a vegetal organic protection milk.


  • Painting/Gel coat


    YAS uses and distribute ISHINE products : polish and treatment for paintings and gel coat surfaces.

    Our treatment starts by the extraction of oil or dusts residues, encrusted into gel coat and painted surfaces pores.

    Ishine Polish takes eliminate porosity, due to salted water, and oxidation due to UV rays.

    Application in 2 steps :

    The treatments Shineyachts prepare the surface against elements in 2 steps. The first one by using a polymer reactive UV resistant, for an efficient glazing and a deep colour, by reducing the maintenance frequency.

    This first protection makes a protection layer in contact with air. The second step is a surfaces protection treatment, using Nanotechnologie. A nanocomposit pasta will block the water passage and oxygen molecules on painted surfaces .


  • Stainless Steel

    Stainless steel is every where on yachts.

    Inside or outside of the yacht, stainless steel maintenance takes a long time for crew.

    Biological or chimical are numerous on a yacht (salt, chalky, non alkaline cleaning products, acides, polish…)

    YAS provides its customers, their surfaces complete treatment in several stages :

    1. Elimination of natural damages (chalky, rust, salt…) by Nauticare « Stainless steel renovator » application

    2. Elimination of chimical damages (acids traces, liquid traces, painting oversprays …) by Nauticare « Stainless steel Ultimo» application

    3. Application of Nauticare « Stainless steel Protector » coating protection




  • Study

    We are moving all other the world to expertise et quote necessary protections during a new construction or refit. We analyze needs, maintenance and lifting.

    Estimation and choice of material needed.


  • Survey

    « YAS Protec has a habit, before any protection installation, of carrying out an inventory of fixtures of the zones concerned by the works.
    A complete report, made using specialized monitoring software and using the ship's GA as support, is provided to the client on request.
    Each damage is located, detailed and photographed. Access to the full report is offered to the various managers (crew, management, project managers, etc.) in real time and for the duration of the work.
    This is to facilitate good customer / supplier agreement and to avoid any discussion when the work is received."

    This to maintain a good relationship between customer/provider and avoid any discussion at the end of works.


  • Training

    YAS provides to its customers (shipyards, crew and navy industry professionnals), training sessions on « temporary protections methods"


             Works area sensibilization

             Products and materials used sensibilization

             Implementation process training :

    o   Choice of materials

    o   Materials application

    o   Protection maintenance

    o   Protections lifting

             Shipyards settings



  • Protect your investment

    An optimized quality of services
    After a complete checking of works areas, YAS takes the engagement to set up a temporary protection customized , to maintain it all along the period of works, and take it off installations when works finished.

    A complete personalized service
    Due to our Expertise and high mobility of teamsm, YAS is the international temporary protection Precursor, for yachts and megayachts.

    YAS services

    Due to years of experience tacking care of more than 1500 yachts from 30 to 140 metres , YAS carried on its expertise and products in more than 25 shipyards, among the most prestigious : Lürssen, Feadship, Benetti, Pendennis….

    YAS Customers

    . Construction or refit shipyards

    . Projects managers

    . Captains / Crews

    . Managers

    . Industries

    YAS Advantages

    . Prevent damages on sensitive and luxuoux equipments of the yacht

    . For sub-contractors, work without being afraid to accidentaly spoil works areas

    . For crew, knowing that a team is carefuly taking care of the yacht, and avoiding damages during works period

    . For shipyards, showing to Customers, the interest for their yacht and facilitate delivery (by avoiding problems due to eventual damages, late delivery and additional costs).

    YAS is very efficient in the nautical industry.We also provide our services and products to Military division, cruising and to Hotels, Villas…

    A quick set up of products needed, made by our trained and meticulous teams … Strong points for YAS which enjoys a huge reputation to work in confidence with its customers. We extremely take care to our protection work, and finishing touches, by respecting life on board.

    Quality Chart

    Disponibility of Professionals 7/7 J

    Our quality of work engagement

    Total satisfaction of our customers

    Specific products correct use

    Environment respect ( recycled and recyclable products


    YAS is the French ProtecMarine exclusiv distributor for shipping industry.

    ProtecMarine is the worlwide leader of temporary protection material classed Fire, and provides the largest range of products .

    You will find very adapted products, to protect decks, interior grounds, partitions and bulwards, equipments, guard rails, stairs and door.

    Do not hesitate to contact YAS for more informations, and require a survey or download our online catalog.

    A network or Professionnals

    Guard rail round pre-split

    Guard rail sleek, foam rubber 4mm

    Carpet aiguillette with film 3 mm

    Exterior carpet with 8 mm contacts

    Foam rubber plates, high density 5 mm

    Doorway large shaped 13 mm

    Proplex 2 mm

    Anti-slippage clipped paving

    Your satisfaction… our engagement


    After ten years, YAS is tacking care more of 1500 yachts from 30. To 140 meters, among the most demanding :


    The biggest worldwide shipyards trust YAS



    yas désiinfection sanitaire


    Live YAS Decontamination YAS Désinfection sanitaire


    YAS désinfection sanitaire

    Your satisfaction.... is our Engagement


    yas désinfection sanitaire


    YAS Désinfection sanitaire


    YAS désinfection sanitaire

    Your satisfaction.... is our Engagement


    YAS Protec Sanitary DISINFECTION KIT is a disinfection kit adapted to private or commercial yachts and ships, allowing simple application in the context of cleaning procedures carried out by crews.
    The kit consists of disinfectant products used in aeronautics and in the medical environment which provides maximum efficiency. the kit also offers personal protective equipment.
    It combines excellent cleaning and disinfecting properties and ensures the protection of owners, guests, passengers and crew members.
    CONTENTS: kit allowing the treatment of an average volume of 300 m3
    - YAS Nosofast TB Spray 1 liter
    o Disinfecting properties bactericidal (EN 13727), fungicidal (EN 13624), virucidal (DVV/RKI 2014), tuberculocidal (EN 14348), mycobactericidal (EN 14348)
    o Certifications: CE mark according to the medical devices’ directive (93/42/EEC)
    - YAS 327 aerosol 400ml
    o Cleaner & disinfectant bactericidal (EN 1276 & EN 13623)
    o Certifications: AMS 1453/D6-7127
    - YAS 320 wipe disinfectant box 100 pieces
    - YAS Acaricide Spray 500ml
    o active against adult mites, nymphs, larvae and eggs; he is particularly effective against so-called "bed dust" mites
    - Hydroalcoholic gel bottle 100ml, designed for hygienic treatment of healthy hands
    - disposable coveralls x 2
    - disposable mask x 2
    - pair of disposable nitrile gloves x 2
    - pair of paper cover shoes x 2
    - protective glasses x 1
    - wiping paper
    - waste bag
    - USB Key instructional video
    - technical data sheet
    All statements, information and data presented herein are believed to be accurate and reliable but are not to be taken as a guarantee, expressed or implied, for which seller assumes legal responsibility and they are offered solely for your consideration, investigation and verification.
    Statements or suggestions concerning possible use of this product are made without representation or warranty that any such use is free of patent infringement.
    The user must follow the recommendations for use indicated on the technical sheets of the manufacturer of each product (safety data available on request). yas désiinfection sanitaire yas disinfection sanitary


    Download Technical Document

    Download Product Label


    Your satisfaction.... is our Engagement

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